HI! Welcome to Lace & Locket Photo!

Im so happy youโ€™re here!

Hi! My name is Ashton, I am the heart behind Lace & Locket Photography. I was born and raised here in Alberta and I LOVE winter, snow and being outside, literally any time of the year which is why my maternity sessions are done outdoors year round. Every part of the year can be absolutely breath taking if itโ€™s given the chance. I lived on a farm as a kid and while I live here in Airdrie currently, farm life is still in me and Im hoping to move my city husband to the country sooner than later!

I first picked up a camera with the intent to go professional and own my own business with it back in 2013 when my first daughter was still a babe. I took photography classes at SAIT during the evenings & started practicing with friends & family. Since I began this journey Iโ€™ve got hundreds of hours worth of training from professionals around the world and have photographed more than 150 newborns, not including maternity or milestone sessions of older babes.

I used to photograph lots of things - weddings & engagements, family etc. But then one day a few years back I photographed a maternity session in the mountains and it set my soul ON FIRE. I knew right then that this was my calling & Maternity and Newborn became everything for me. I studied newborn safety & proper posing, I watched videos, took courses and workshops to perfect my craft and provide the best experience possible to all the clients who come to me.

Reach out to me today if you have any questions or would like to discuss booking me for your newborn journey.

Someone once told me that after enough time has passed you may not remember exactly what happened in an instance, the only thing that lingers is how it made you feel....This is where I come in: to link the feeling and the memory together, no matter how much time has passed.
— Ashton (that's me)