Brand New Little Boy!

I was lucky to do a newborn shoot this past May Long weekend, this little dude was so patient with me and slept so well the entire time! I don't think I've had such a cooperative little guy! He gave me such good material to work with from his full head of beautiful hair to the tips of his perfect little toes. I was able to whip out one of my personally highly anticipated ideas for this one, I've had this massive bear that is almost as big as I am kicking around my house for the last year or two, a gift for my daughter from her auntie. This thing quickly became a pain in the butt being so big and awkward, taking up space in very room it found itself propped up in, until one day I got the great idea to pair it with a tiny baby!! Well. my Imagination took off, so when this little opportunity presented himself I knew I had to use it no matter what, It took me forever to set it up, choosing my colours, positioning....and I got this amazing photo out of it!!! I am so proud of it!! I know that this shot I will cherish forever just as much as I know the parents will!