Beautiful Maternity Sessions

Although a lot of ladies feel uncomfortable at least at one point or another during their pregnancy, it really is a beautiful point in our lives that I feel absolutely needs to be captured. Even with my first daughter I didn't post a lot of photos, I got maternity photos done but I didn't really show them around and I felt like my body was so foreign, almost alien to me. I also remember when old ladies would gush over my big bulbous belly and sometimes they'd touch me  when I hadn't given permission, but in hind sight...I'm so going to be that old lady!!! Being pregnant and even just having that ability is such an incredible thing. In 50 years when we're all old and grey, all we'll have left are our memories, and sometimes we'll only have those in the form of photographs, so why wouldn't we want to capture these precious and fleeting moments to remember forever? To show our children when they're feeling how we felt carrying them, and maybe even our grandchildren should we live that long? Life is such a beautiful thing, we should not waste any opportunity to capture every bit of it.