Troy+Chris | August Engagement | SAIT, Calgary, AB | Lace & Locket Photography

These two are a couple of my favourite people. I met with them in the spring to discuss their July 2017 wedding that would be up in Grande Cache. I have barely heard of Grande Cache at the time but I instantly thought of oil and people who work in the patch. I was grossly mistaken. What a gorgeous location. I absolutely cannot wait. 

I was so glad they chose to book with me, I felt so honoured as this meant they would be my first same-sex wedding and they could have gone with someone else but they chose me. I was nervous when we booked their engagement session as I was worried I wouldn't be able to live up to their expectation. They asked if we could do their engagement session out in Bragg Creek  as they loved to camp out there and they wanted something different than Banff. I am always down for an adventure so I happily agreed. We had chosen a day at the beginning of August but it was still a month or two out. As the date crept closer, the weather didn't look so great, such a shocker what with all the rain this year, right? Might as well have moved to Vancouver this summer, maybe I would have experienced less rain. 

That week the forecast said there was a 90% chance of rain and 2 hours of sunlight. WOO, PARTY!!! So I suggested SAIT as a backup location in case it really did downpour, as they have an underground parkade that lots of photographers use when they need refuge from crazy summer ( and even the occasional winter weather. I told them that there were lots of options to still shoot on the property, there were older buildings to give a historic feel, the parkade was great for a modern edge, not to mention all the architecture on campus and the trees and grass. They seemed a little reluctant at first and I can understand why, they had chosen the beautiful outdoors, water, trees, hiking trails and I was suggesting a technical college in the middle of the city.  But in the end we went there because the weather refused to cooperate. These images I am so proud of and Troy and Chris were naturals, their love was so easy to capture and didn't require any direction to get gorgeous shots. Can't wait for their wedding next summer!