Jeff + Becky's Wedding Camp! | Kelowna, BC | Unique Weddings | Lace & Locket Photography

I will be honest. When Becky first told me she was having a camping wedding I had no idea what to expect. As someone who (very unfortunately) hasn't been camping since she was 4, I was pretty much almost mortified when she asked if I wanted to stay in one of the cabins. But...where will I charge all my equipment???? Seriously. I had no clue what to expect. I was also very naive about the camping thing, let alone a camping wedding. 

Becky contacted me just over a year prior to her wedding, and told me her June wedding would be in Kelowna and I jumped at the opportunity to shoot somewhere that wasn't Calgary. Not that I don't love it here, because I absolutely do but there's something about getting to shoot a beautiful wedding in mountains with thousands of trees around us that is so incredibly comforting and calming. 

The "campsite" was at Powers Creek Retreat. It looked gorgeous in photos, from a province away. So after the date crept up with a freaky kind of speed, I packed up and drove out to Kelowna. The rehearsal was rained out. It made me nervous for her wedding day. But it was PERFECT. No rain and the sun was glorious and worked with me the entire day. 

Becky planned everything about her wedding down to serving her own food, she was Wonder Woman that day AND a bride. Her wore a green vintage dress and had her bride's maids wear white. I thought it was so awesome, and it looked so amazing in her photos. She had her makeup done by  Lindy Loo Makeup Artistry who is amazing and based out of Kelowna. After the ceremony and the formals, I had a few hours to take in the scenery of this gorgeous location and capture some amazing shots of the guests relaxing and playing. I have to say it was quite the nice change from other weddings as everyone was able to play in the pool and relax, play some football, some guitar, and just hang out while they waited for the reception and dancing to start. I have to say I was very impressed with this camping wedding I had reservations about, the food was incredible and the bride pulled it all off almost all by herself! I adore this little family and I hope I am lucky enough to shoot or them again, as I just love them all.