Pre-Wedding Family Session | Confederation Park | Calgary, AB | Lace & Locket Photography

This family is special to me. All my clients that come to me and ask me to photograph them are special to me but this family has a place in my heart. Janelle's amazing dad found me last summer, 3 weeks before their wedding to ask me to shoot for them and I was free so I said yes! Both of us were pregnant so I feel like we were really able to bond because we were only a month apart from one another so while she was going all day long from it being her gorgeous wedding day, I too was going all day long, trying to capture all her moments. We were both so tired by the end of it! 

The exciting part of this story was that last year was Janelle & Sam's traditional Catholic wedding ceremony but this year is their Sikh wedding ceremony! And I am honoured to say that I will be shooting this one in a few weeks as well, I cannot be any more excited if I tried to be as it'll be a new and interesting challenge for me shooting a style of wedding I have never shot before. 

Well since last year, both Janelle and I have had our precious little bundles, and Janelle contacted me to ask me if i would take some photos of just their little family to showcase at their wedding for everyone to see, and of course I wanted to. Her little guy has got to be the happiest, most smily baby I have ever seen, he makes my heart sing with his little smile!!! I wanted to share some of their intimate formals from their wedding last year with their family photos from this year as I feel so truly blessed to have such a great couple as clients.