Hal + Colleen Get Hitched | Country Hills Golf Course | Calgary, AB | Lace & Locket Photography

Hal & Colleen's Beautiful July Wedding, Country Hills Golf Club, Calgary Alberta

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Jeff + Becky's Wedding Camp! | Kelowna, BC | Unique Weddings | Lace & Locket Photography

I will be honest. When Becky first told me she was having a camping wedding I had no idea what to expect. As someone who (very unfortunately) hasn't been camping since she was 4, I was pretty much almost mortified when she asked if I wanted to stay in one of the cabins. But...where will I charge all my equipment???? Seriously. I had no clue what to expect. I was also very naive about the camping thing, let alone a camping wedding. 

Becky contacted me just over a year prior to her wedding, and told me her June wedding would be in Kelowna and I jumped at the opportunity to shoot somewhere that wasn't Calgary. Not that I don't love it here, because I absolutely do but there's something about getting to shoot a beautiful wedding in mountains with thousands of trees around us that is so incredibly comforting and calming. 

The "campsite" was at Powers Creek Retreat. It looked gorgeous in photos, from a province away. So after the date crept up with a freaky kind of speed, I packed up and drove out to Kelowna. The rehearsal was rained out. It made me nervous for her wedding day. But it was PERFECT. No rain and the sun was glorious and worked with me the entire day. 

Becky planned everything about her wedding down to serving her own food, she was Wonder Woman that day AND a bride. Her wore a green vintage dress and had her bride's maids wear white. I thought it was so awesome, and it looked so amazing in her photos. She had her makeup done by  Lindy Loo Makeup Artistry who is amazing and based out of Kelowna. After the ceremony and the formals, I had a few hours to take in the scenery of this gorgeous location and capture some amazing shots of the guests relaxing and playing. I have to say it was quite the nice change from other weddings as everyone was able to play in the pool and relax, play some football, some guitar, and just hang out while they waited for the reception and dancing to start. I have to say I was very impressed with this camping wedding I had reservations about, the food was incredible and the bride pulled it all off almost all by herself! I adore this little family and I hope I am lucky enough to shoot or them again, as I just love them all. 

Fine Art Products | Wall Art | Printed Portraits | Lace & Locket Photography

I have quite a few clients that ask me about price lists for my work and I have one I swear. But I have wanted to put together a little visual to go with my pricing sheet for months now so that when clients were looking over my products, they could see what things actually were, how they look on a wall. I have a wall in my studio that I have each type of mounted print I offer and a few canvases I have had made to showcase my work but if you are a wedding or engagement client, or you've had a family session done outdoors, the chances of you seeing my work hanging on my wall in my little studio is pretty slim. Newborn clients see it and folks who are coming for cakes mashes or Christmas minis, but that's about it and that's only a small percentage of my clients.

So I finally buckled down and took the shot I wanted of each of these mounted prints I have so the following will be a description of each of those as well as the canvases I offer, and photos to match so that you can see exactly WHAT the difference is between a standout mounted print and a canvas, or a masonite and a matboard print and WHY you want these prints displayed in your home!  

MOUNTED PRINTS - WHY a mounted print vs. a standard print? 

Mounted prints are paper photographs that have been mounted to a sturdy material whether it's white or black styrene or masonite, matboard or a type of particle board. These surfaces are so much more durable than a regular paper photographic print, they are less likely to warp, they last much longer and you can simply mount them to a wall as they are and they look phenomenal or you can choose to frame them (except a Standout, which comes ready to hang out of the packaging and looks fabulous!). You don't have to worry about them getting kinked or bent or torn if they are mounted and you can order them to give as gifts and your family and friends can unwrap them and instantly hang them on the wall! 

Standout Mounted Prints

Standout Mounted Prints are my FAVOURITE!! Well I'm not sure I can say that, I love all the mounted prints.  I feel like they just class up and toughen up my prints just a little bit and I love it. So standout mounted prints, they look a lot like canvases. They are a piece of photographic paper (your image, in any texture you'd like - from regular lustre or glossy paper to linen, or pebble texture, metallic paper, embassy textured paper. Any combination, you name it I will make it for you!)  that is pressed to a piece of lightweight foam and encased in sleek plastic edging. These are FANTASTIC, they look so great, so classy and top of the line but they're amazingly priced and very lightweight. In fact, they weigh next to nothing. They come with a couple holes in the back to hang on a wall, or you can prop them in an easel. I like to get those 3M velcro strips and stick them to the wall. Easy Peasy! 


I LOVE CANVASES. How strong and sturdy these are. These are perfect when you want to take your images to the next level. In the baby's nursery, on your dominant photo wall in your living room, along your hallway walls. This amazing work will make your memories stand out and really pop for everyone to see. Depending on the size of canvas you would like to order you can choose the thickness of the canvas, anywhere from 1' to 1.5". 

These are of course just some of the products that Lace & Locket Photography offers. I will be doing a post about all the albums and books I offer for Weddings, Engagements and Newborns. I also offer matted prints for guest signing at weddings, thank you cards, birth announcements but I will save those for another time. 

If you would like to see any of these products in person, please feel free to contact me and I would be glad to come over or to meet you for a coffee and bring all my studio samples so you can see and touch for yourself! You can also email me for a current price list. 

Until next time! 

Andrea + David August Engagement | Big Hill Springs | Lace & Locket Photography

These two have got to be the cutest people on the planet. When I met them for coffee to book their wedding in early June I came prepared, my albums, my prints, package descriptions. But Andrea seemed to have already made up her mind about booking me. I think our entire meeting was 12 minutes long, I barely got my drink from the coffee shop before she told me she wanted to sign the contract. I felt pretty special. So we booked their engagement session for the end of August, and had originally chosen to do them at Confederation Park in Calgary, because it was close to their venue for their wedding. The week before their session she asked if we could change it to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park and away we went. 

All my top wedding packages come with complimentary hair and makeup with your engagement session, which comes with every wedding package. It's a little thank you from myself to pamper you for your engagement session, I enjoy being able to do that for my clients. I use Studio 150 Makeup Artistry for my engagement makeup bookings (you can see Preet's page and her amazing work here). So Andrea had her makeup done on a Friday afternoon at the end of August and we met at Big Hill Springs. 

What came next was the most fun, exciting engagement shoot! Their boys had such energy and you could tell that they loved each other so much, they were so well behaved! I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next June, it is going to be such a great time!

Pre-Wedding Family Session | Confederation Park | Calgary, AB | Lace & Locket Photography

This family is special to me. All my clients that come to me and ask me to photograph them are special to me but this family has a place in my heart. Janelle's amazing dad found me last summer, 3 weeks before their wedding to ask me to shoot for them and I was free so I said yes! Both of us were pregnant so I feel like we were really able to bond because we were only a month apart from one another so while she was going all day long from it being her gorgeous wedding day, I too was going all day long, trying to capture all her moments. We were both so tired by the end of it! 

The exciting part of this story was that last year was Janelle & Sam's traditional Catholic wedding ceremony but this year is their Sikh wedding ceremony! And I am honoured to say that I will be shooting this one in a few weeks as well, I cannot be any more excited if I tried to be as it'll be a new and interesting challenge for me shooting a style of wedding I have never shot before. 

Well since last year, both Janelle and I have had our precious little bundles, and Janelle contacted me to ask me if i would take some photos of just their little family to showcase at their wedding for everyone to see, and of course I wanted to. Her little guy has got to be the happiest, most smily baby I have ever seen, he makes my heart sing with his little smile!!! I wanted to share some of their intimate formals from their wedding last year with their family photos from this year as I feel so truly blessed to have such a great couple as clients.

The Super Awesome Referral Program!

I have so many amazing clients and supporters, I am always so humbled by you all who recommend my services to your friends and even folks you don't know so I wanted to make a Referral Program to thank the people who are always thinking of me when they tell people about me!

If you refer me to a potential wedding client and they book (deposit made & contract signed), you get a lifestyle session package, sitting fee waived.

If you refer me to a regular lifestyle session (maternity/newborn/family etc.) and they book (deposit placed & contract signed) you receive 20% off any lifestyle session package, sitting fees waived. 

*Referred clients must tell me you recommended them at the time of booking for you to be eligible for your session/discount. 


Tell your friends!

Tell your friends!

J & L Engagement!!

This couple...is awesome. They came to me to have me shoot their wedding in July and they asked to get some engagement photos taken. BUT they told me, they would need help because they weren't so good at being lovey-dovey and actually looking like a couple. It made me giggle. I made it my personal mission to make sure I could find a great way to make them look great in front of the camera, without feeling awkward with really posed shots. It involved a lot of hilarious secret-telling and " OK NOW HAVE A STARING CONTEST AND DON'T LAUGH!!" I think it worked fantastically.