The Early Arrival | Airdrie Newborn Photographer | Lace & Locket Photography

Have you ever woken up realizing that your alarm didn't go off and you're supposed to be somewhere in 20 minutes? I feel like that's what this couple felt like when they ended up having their baby almost an entire month earlier than expected!

Erin booked me for both maternity (you can see her stunning session here) and newborn photos and we had just finished our session and while I was away in Mexico, I got a message from her with a picture of this teeny tiny little 4 lb baby and you can imagine my surprise! He wasn't due for another month! Well holy! But he was soooo cute! 

Little one needed to stay in the NICU for a couple weeks before he could come home and I waited for mama to contact me to do the photos as I didn't want to overwhelm her. So Baby B came into the studio weighing in at 5 lbs making him the second smallest baby I've photographed, and he was precious. He did so well, it was incredible! He gave me so many smiles and he slept like a dream ( for me of course, can't say the same for mom & dad!)

I am so honoured that Erin chose me for her maternity and newborn photos and I can't wait to see them again soon! <3


Have you ever seen a baby with this much hair?!

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The Little Pilot Hat Session - The First Baby of 2018 | Airdrie Newborn Photographer | Lace & Locket Photography

This sweet boy was the first baby of 2018! He was already born when his mama contacted me to book his newborn session & I am so glad she did. This little dude came into the studio for his session & he did so well I was able to pose him so easy without any waking up or fussing! He let me do anything so long as he could eat when he needed to and we still finished the session early! 

He's lucky enough to have two moms and they were the most awesome pair I've ever met! This little one is going to grow up with so much love! One of his mama's friends bought the adorable little navy pilot's hat when they announced they were pregnant and it was just too cute, so we used it to it's full potential.