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This session was booked by a friend for the client as a gift. The friend was a previous client whose babe I photographed last winter, and I was so truly honoured that she not only chose to come back to me BUT she purchased a session of mine for her friend. We need more folks like this! What a seriously sweet thing to do! So blessed am I to have clients like this. 

This babe was in Chestermere and I have to admit I haven't been out that way to do many sessions so I was elated for the change of scenery. I love Chesteremere. I bet that lake could use a maternity mama on it in a beautiful gown! haha! Anyways, this babe was perfect. He slept well, he was patient and his skin was flawless. Congratulations to this mama on her beautiful baby boy! 

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O Second Birthday | Big Hill Springs Provincial Park | Calgary, AB | Milestone Session |

This mamma has some seriously fabulous visions when it comes to the sessions we plan with her little cub. She always has the best ideas ever! It's so refreshing to hear what she plans and they always turn out 100 times better than how I even picture them in my head. 

It was a delight to hear when she messaged me regarding his second birthday, she wanted a lumberjack feel. She found these adorable hand-sewn felt campfire (find them here) and I found a tent to use and we picked a perfect day! She had an outfit lined up and although we assumed it would be so super hot that day, the plaid and lumberjack hat just HAD.TO.HAPPEN. It was too cute not to. Well this past July did nothing but rain. It rained for the entire month. I think there was maybe 3.27 hours out of the entire month that it DIDN'T rain. And one of those was the morning of this session out at Big Hill Springs. It actually couldn't have been better weather although it was chillier than we anticipated. And look how these images turned out! Absolutely perfect! Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!

The M Family!!

This photoshoot was awesome!!! When we chose to meet at this old train bridge out in Chestermere we had no clue it was going to be so hot out that day, I am almost positive the Weather Network was broken that day, so needless to say both the family and myself were eager to get some photos done so we could both go back to air conditioning and boats on the Chestermere Lake. I have never met such cooperative, easy kids to work with! And both mom and dad were perfect posers for their gorgeous couple shots. LOVED THIS SHOOT! 

Brand New Little Boy!

I was lucky to do a newborn shoot this past May Long weekend, this little dude was so patient with me and slept so well the entire time! I don't think I've had such a cooperative little guy! He gave me such good material to work with from his full head of beautiful hair to the tips of his perfect little toes. I was able to whip out one of my personally highly anticipated ideas for this one, I've had this massive bear that is almost as big as I am kicking around my house for the last year or two, a gift for my daughter from her auntie. This thing quickly became a pain in the butt being so big and awkward, taking up space in very room it found itself propped up in, until one day I got the great idea to pair it with a tiny baby!! Well. my Imagination took off, so when this little opportunity presented himself I knew I had to use it no matter what, It took me forever to set it up, choosing my colours, positioning....and I got this amazing photo out of it!!! I am so proud of it!! I know that this shot I will cherish forever just as much as I know the parents will!