It's always Sunny in Calgary | Lace & Locket Photo - Calgary Maternity Photographer | Pearce Estate Park, YYC

When Miss J booked her maternity session for the end of June, we were battling rain. Yes it’s true, the weather here in Alberta is unpredictable & can be downright nasty, sunny, beautiful, terrifying and everything else, all in one day. I know, it’s so hard to believe. Anyways.

Back in 2016 it was the same. During July, it rained I think 21 out of the 31 days of the entire month and those other 10 days were hardly filled with warmth and sun. I remember distinctly because back then I was shooting weddings and I had about 3 including a week long Indian wedding and the weather was not nice to any of us. One day, we got rained out during the wedding formals and we headed to the SAIT parking lot where we found about 20 other wedding photographers and their bridal parties, all trying to find refuge from the downpour.

I’ve gotten pretty good at deciphering The Weather Network and it’s reports on what the forecast is supposed to look like. I’ve found that there’s never a 50% chance of rain, it’s either 40% or less, or 60% and higher. 40% and less, generally it might do anything from sprinkle to downpour for 5 minutes and then it ends. 60% -80% Im still pretty skeptical. 90% chance of rain, I look to see how much because it could still be a liar and be so super nice, sometimes it rains the entire day. Sometimes.

On the afternoon leading up to J’s session it was super dark in Calgary, which is south of me ( Im located in Airdrie) and super dark to the north of me, and super bright and sunny north of that. She was nervous. I reassured her that we still had a few hours and I had a feeling it was about to dump and then the skies would open and leave a beauty sunset for us just in time for her session. She was skeptical, haha. We waited, it rained. But then it got sunny. And sunny enough that it dried by the time our session started, which was located at Pearce Estate Park, also home of the Bow Habitat Station - you can take your kids there to fish! (it backs onto the river, and the Deerfoot, take the 17th & Blackfoot Exist west, first right and you’re there).

The gowns featured in this session are part of the Lace & Locket Photo Client Closet and are available to use with a booked maternity session, free of charge.
Location - Pearce Estate Park, 1440 17a St SE, Calgary, AB
Session Time - Sunset, Late June 2019
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Summer Sunset Maternity | Lace & Locket Photo | Fish Creek Park, Calgary | Calgary Maternity Photographer

This was SUCH a fun session! We shot just before sunset at Fish Creek Park in Calgary and it was a gorgeous night. J brought a dress of her own to start and it was mustard coloured and gorgeous! The pink, sequin and black gowns are in the Lace & Locket Client Closet which you can visit here.

I can’t wait to Photograph this stunning couple’s adorable babe in September, it’s sure to be as fun and gorgeous as these folks were at their maternity session!

Mommylicious Maternity | Airdrie Maternity Photographer | Lace & Locket Photography

As some of you know, I participate in and absolutely love a little trade show called Mommylicious. WELL. When one of the owners of my favourite little trade show gets pregnant with her first little angel, OBVIOUSLY I started planning that photo session the second she found out!! 

Krista wanted a white dress and I didn't have one. I wasn't able to find one. TILL THE DAY OF THE SESSION. It was glorious. Her session was so amazing. I absolutely LOVE the colours in this session, it was done in early May down at Carburn Park in South Calgary. Far drive if you're in Airdrie but so worth it and if you don't believe me, these photos should be proof. I can't wait for to post this little one's newborn session.

Pretty In Purple - A Winter Maternity Session | Airdrie Maternity Photographer | Airdrie, AB | Lace & Locket Photography

I have known this gorgeous gal for a number of years, she was one of my bosses many years ago when I used to work with makeup for a living! We have stayed in touch throughout the years and when she got pregnant with her first, she reached out to me to do her maternity & newborn photos. I was honoured! I wanted it to be extra special so I moved her date to when I was in the mountains for a whole weekend and found a whole new location I've never used before for her mountain maternity. We had a blast in the snow on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

Summer Maternity | Calgary & Airdrie Maternity Photographer | Big Hill Springs | Airdrie, AB | Lace & Locket Photography

Melissa and her family are amazing! When she emailed me to book a maternity session back in the summer, the day we chose Im pretty sure was what felt like the hottest day of the year. It was early July and I am pretty sure everyone was celebrating Canada Day that weekend when we chose to do her session. We did it at Big Hill Springs and were able to find some secluded area with the cutest yellow flowers that both of us thought were just perfect. It went so well at her maternity session she asked to book a newborn session on the spot! 

I like to ask the clients what kind of feel they want for their session, what type of location they'd like to use. Depending how they answer these questions I can recommend different locations and outfit selections to match their ideal style. Sometimes clients want to go for a more casual style with their own outfits from home, sometimes they want to wear one of the dresses I supply. Melissa hadn't been to Big Hill Springs and it turned out so lovely!