Baby W- First Newborn of 2016!

This sweet little boy was so interesting to shoot. Normally I really like to shoot babies within the first 7 days, I know other photographers are more lenient with their timeframes but I just like that gap for me. This little dude was only 4 days I think when he came to me, and he made me work! He would't have me swaddle him, and he was aware of me the entire time! He was just so awake for only being 4 days old he kept me on my toes, I didn't mind though he was just so tiny and cute I really just wanted the extra time to cuddle him. 

Then of course as fate would have it, it was the second session of the year, first session in-studio so naturally something needs to malfunction- MY LIGHTS!! They didnt waste any time getting to it either, 5 snaps into the session I think. So very frustrating so I offered to reshoot at the client's home a couple days later and wouldn't you know it, much more settled, much more willing to let me manipulate him and put him into different poses. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby feet ( I'm going to make a book!) but I have to say, my favourite part of this one was his hair. So much hair! What an angel. Despite the set backs, I was so happy he was my first baby of the new year!