When should I book & how does booking work?

I recommend booking your maternity & newborn sessions once you've had  your full anatomical ultrasound, between 18-20 weeks. This allows plenty of time for planning your session, ordering anything special you may be missing for both maternity & newborn sessions, and guarantees you a spot in our calendar. Sessions are booked by due date month & give or take 10 days before or after your due date but calendar dates are not scheduled until after your little one arrives. I only book a limited number of sessions per month  to allow for scheduling flexibility. Last minute bookings are welcome as well, but availability cannot be guaranteed. Whether you are a pre-booked session or a last minute addition, it is important to let me know as soon as you can that your little one has arrived so that we can get you into our schedule. 

I take a non-refundable deposit to hold your session spot and then the remainder of your session fee is due at the time of the session taking place. You can also choose to set up a payment plan if you'd like. If this is something you'd like to consider you can reach out to us here to discuss! You can view my different kinds of packages here

What age/timeframe are maternity & newborn sessions done?

Maternity sessions should ideally take place between 32-36 weeks of age. This way you've got a nice bump going but you're still comfortable to move into different poses without feeling too stiff or big. Of course last minute sessions booked at 37-39 weeks are possible as well & always welcomed so long as my schedule allows! This is why booking as early as possible is always a great idea! 

Most of the newborn sessions you will see on my page are done between 6-14 days of age. I have found this to be the "prime" window as far as flexibility and posing. Sessions with older newborns are absolutely possible but expectations should be adjusted to include more wrapping and natural positions than may  be seen in my portfolio. 

Do you travel to the clients home for newborn sessions?

If you've chosen to check me out based on a referral from a past client (yay!) and they may have had an in-home session with me, that's because I used to do them all the time before I had a full studio set up in my home. I now have this studio which allows me to have full control of the temperatures, lights, sounds etc that are in my studio to be able to provide a consistent, high level of quality in my images that I am not necessarily able to get when I shoot in the client's home. I also found that packing my equipment and my props up was starting to cause damage to my beanbag and my lights etc., so now I prefer to shoot in my studio. If you'd like to have me come to your home to do your newborn session, I still can for an additional $100 travel charge.